Finally getting around to posting some photos from the Kaiju art show at the Alamo Drafthouse. Thanks to all who submitted. And thanks to all who supported the artists. Check out the gallery here.

AuthorMatthew Esparza

Another commissioned piece finished!

This project really caught my attention for two reasons: First, The Fog is a John Carpenter classic. Designing this piece has been on my to-do list for a few years, but I just didn’t have any solid ideas until now. Second, the lovely person who commissioned this wanted to have a poster made for her father’s birthday. Growing up, they watched the movie together every Halloween. It was their tradition and I just fell in love with that. Thank you for sharing that with me and allowing me commemorate that for you both. 

Happy birthday to your father, LM. Happy Halloween to you both. And Happy birthday Antonio Bay.

Initial Sketches


After sketching the concept, I recreated everything in vector format. Then brought it all into Photoshop where I applied the smoke effects and final textures. 


AuthorMatthew Esparza

We had the opportunity to work on some of the graphics for the awesome Kickstarter campaign film Super Duper. A film mashup of Clerks meets The Avengers about superhero interns. 

If you're looking to support the kind of story you don't see in the cinema, made by hardworking and passionate unknowns who want to make your new favorite movie and comic book...

...well, then. Grab a taco, and welcome to the party.

Dance to the beat here >>

Character Posters

Logo and Icon


AuthorMatthew Esparza