Logo Version 4 with Color Options - (6/14/15)


Here is the updated design with Y shape inside of the bulb. I also included the design reversed out on a dark background in one color and two color designs. 

Reversed out logo

Color Options 

I wanted to show the design is various green colors. I think something a bit brighter than the moss green would be better suited. 

Reversed out with color


Give Green Lights - Logo Version 2 and 3 - (6/8/15)

Andy, below is the updated logo design. Click on any of the images for the lightbox / zoom feature.

Version 2

These 3 designs are all the same logo. They are just showing fluid uses of the type treatment for print, business cards, brochures, web, etc. I used a thicker type weight on the word "Green" for both versions to give it a little bit more power. 

Version 3

Same logo design, but with the logo reversed out within a circle shape. Showing good use of negative space. This one is my favorite of the two. The icon and type is very fluid for print, web, color options, etc.

Give Green Lights - Logo Comps

Click on any of the images for the lightbox / zoom feature. 

Initial Vector Designs

Initial Sketches

Other Sketches