We're excited to introduce our latest designs for the indie short horror flick Burn In Hell! by 16 year old filmmaker Joshua Bruce. The series include the official poster/dvd cover art and five character posters. Check out the teaser trailer below and be sure to stop by the official Burn In Hell!  Facebook page for some awesome info, updates, and behind the scene photos and footage.


In a small town, gruesome killings have been plaguing the townspeople. Bodies are found torn apart and eaten. The authorities have no leads. After the death of his best friend, a young high-school football player, Brad, seeks out the help of local priest Father Damian, who is slaughtered by the killer before disclosing any information of the killings. The killer, revealed as the demon Beelzebub, sets out on a vicious killing spree to consume a steady supply of human blood in order to maintain a physical form. Brad recruits metal-head/stoner kid D.O. to assist him in his hunt for Beelzebub. Guided by the deranged, one-eyed demon hunting priest Father Lewis, the trio set out to rid their town of the evil demon, eventually leading them straight to hell.

The film stars, Kenny Geiger, Joshua Bruce, Ken Brotis, Zack Sabat, Dylan McLarnon, also featuring Ming Chen, Michael Zapcic, and Rob Bruce of Comic Book MenBurn in Hell!  is set to release spring 2013.